Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I've moved! Please update your link if necessary.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


The problem with being empathetic is when people diss you, having failed to see through your lenses.

Steven Lim decides to be a moron again with the release of his new video titled sex bomb.

Poor acting, primeval boogie and an absolutely comical face. He definitely needs more coaching.

I'm so damn tired after the retreat (more like a social chalet really). Need some sleep.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I just learnt a new word - mordant. Sounds to me like a combination of morbid and mordor. How silly. Mordant, according to is defined as being bitingly sarcastic. Very descriptive word. I like! Thanks Edd.

And William, in case you're wondering, I'm awesome and can't be any better.

Monday, December 19, 2005


christmas publicity

christmas service prelude

Sunday, December 18, 2005


Before anything, you need to agree to disagree before reading the rest of this post.

We went to Ikea today to ransack for something nice to buy as christmas presents. Well, it's only polite to give during the festive season. And being that financially limited stud I am (and have always been), Ikea became the ideal and only practical place to shop for nice things that come in large quantity at an affordable pricing. I shall just give everyone an ice-cream stick this year. Nah, I kidding.

There is so much to talk church, the general climate which we have lapsed into and also the youth especially. (Note that I chose to use the word the instead of our) But after countless vicious cycles, I have sorta forced (or numbed) myself to cease and retreat pondering any further because this whole damn thing seems to bring me more pain than anything else. I hate to use the word pathetic but sad to say, there came a point which I was left with no nice words left in my dictionary. Of course, being that melancholic, cynic or whatever you can decide, I have purposed that I should also halt whatever negative judgements, presumptions, objective or subjective opinions that I might have consciously or subconsciously connotate amongst the people.

I thought that riding on the wave of motion could be helpful after all. As you invest less committment and expectations on people, chances are, that you are less likely to face graver disappointments. It's silly to harvest expectations when the grey skies have been around for far too long. The thing is, it does not and will not pay off by pressing on. The same bunch of people are most probably going to still reside in their own comfort zone gratifying one another. Maybe by doing so, they can find their sense of security and identity. Beats me really sometimes.

You can interpret this entry any way you like. It truly makes no sense not to do so anyway. Whatever it is, refrain from flooding my tagboard with all your dissings. Oh, and you did agree to disagree, haven't you?

Saturday, December 17, 2005


It was fun tonight. A couple of us musical dudes performed christmas carols at the Rotary club. Dinner was fantastic and our audience were very amicable. It is a myth when they say that the rich are people of amour propre. A pity that Dee could not join us. Wink! And Suiyin commented that Taurus girls are the most horny breed. I can only wonder. Haha!

I wrote two songs this week and have yet been able to record them properly. After some playing around with the software, I discover that Cool Edit Pro is a much preferred tool as I compare it with sound forge. It supports multi-tracking sequencing and offers extremely foolproof functionalities. So aspiring musicians, all you need is a computer equipped with a sound card (but of course) and a microphone, and you're almost ready to kick off!

Points to Gene.

Oh and before I end this post, I need to address this seemingly chauvinistic issue about middle aged women who doll themselves up too much for their own good. To us men, simplicity can be alluring. Nakedness at its best, we call it. Mascaras, skin tonner, facial oil blotters, lip bum, hair wax, lip sticks are all invented for one primary reason. As much as they enrich a person's appearance, a spate of overdoing (maybe a kiasu factor here also) can backfire and turn a chio bu into a te bu. Just today, I was cursed with an encounter with an overdone auntie. As much as I hate to say this, it truly brought back memories of those late night chinese vampires dramas on television.

Maybe I shall just sum it up with a simple anology. An overcooked egg makes a chao ta egg.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Yay! My song made it to the SOFT.COM.SG Radio Blog!

I'm uberly exhausted after editing the video for this sunday's publicity. Can't wait to show you guys.

And I received my daily bread devotional book from pastor today. I'm happy now that I can do proper daily devotion.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Perhaps I'm not so screwed after all.

This Is My Life, Rated
Life: 6.5
Mind: 6.8
Body: 7.1
Spirit: 6.3
Friends/Family: 4.4
Love: 5.4
Finance: 4.8
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

Self explanatory progress chart.

I've been having pretty eccentric dreams lately. Some three days ago, I dreamt that I was playing warcraft 3 and just today, I dreamt about chicken rice. I need 3 wise men to interpret my dreams for me. How about Daniel?

The funny thing in life is that sometimes we want specific people to care for us and attend to our needs. And I guess that these specific people are those whom do really mean something to us. The ruthless irony about being a hman is that despite being cared for, by those whom are not in our list, we still feel lonely and distant. It's such a humane thing. And who exactly understands this? No one.

I guess I'm thinking too much for my own good. I thought of shutting down the blog. Then maybe I can relieve myself from all that mental reflections and subscribe to a state of ignorance and oblivion. Maybe I'll be happy that way.

Maybe Jiemin did the right thing.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I've found a cracked version of Spyware Doctor. Ha!

Monday, December 12, 2005


Spyware doctor is becoming such a jacka**. They used to offer a free version but now you need to pay for using the software. As Internet Explorer is so bloody susceptible to spyware and all sorts of malicious nonsense, you seriously do need to equip yourself with anti-spyware/virus programs. And such utilities actually suck up part of your system resources and eventually slow down your computer. That is the whole inconvenience with a Windows platform.

I guess it really does make sense to switch to a Mac sometimes. Firstly, you need not worry about the common virus problems and the risk of losing your data. You also need not spend a single cent on anti-spyware/virus programs, based on what Mac-zealot Claudia claimed. Above all, Mac bestows a sleaky feel with its stylish interface. But then again, the cost is something that requires serious consideration. Imagine paying 80 bucks for just a mouse. A FRIKKIN MOUSE! I can buy a new DVD writer with that sum of money. Having said all these, I shall stick to Windows and use my pirated softwares till I've earned enough to go Mac.

Also currently installing Windows Service Pack 2, I thought that this update from Microsoft might be essential from saving my computer from breaking into a horrific state of sluggishness and porn pop-ups spree. Those hacking bastards. When it comes to computers and the internet, we boys have this joke in common. Imagine one day while you're secretly surfing ahem, and your parents abruptly pop into your room. Out of desperation, you perform an ALT + F4 command to shut down whatever you're viewing. But bad luck causes your screen to freeze in motion. Shit! And you realise that your speakers are somewhat also moaning in pleasure
. Double Shit!

What will you do then? One of my friend actually taught this: that when such an adversity occurs, you must quickly kick your computer as hard as you can and pray that it restarts by itself. It's quite a stupid thing to do and I'm skeptical that it will even work. But to save yourselves from embarrassment, you might have to resort to desperate measures in grave situations like these. So much for now.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


I can't help but agree with one reviewer whom reported that the internet has became a premise which tells alot about people. Having said that, should I even astound you by adding that this, also includes ordinary folks like you and myself? A blog, for example can reveal alot of information such as a person's name, age, working profession, daily experiences and recreational habits just to name a couple. And compiling such data can form databases which can be mined for profit making activites such as e-business or pardon me but god forbids - assassination purposes.

Are you revealing too much about yourself today?

Anyway, I'm going to address a familiar issue today - money. I've got two buddies who tend to equate money to love. (heh you know who you are!)

Dude1's hypothese: You need money to have a girlfriend lah. Go out also need to spend money right? Watch movie you think free issit? Huh, bus fetch you for free ah! Need money to maintain la!

Dude2's hypothese: You need money to get married lah! Weddings need to buy this and buy that. Buy wedding ring cost so much money somemore. Maybe I should save cost by buying a perlini silver ring, put inside the tiffany & co plastic bag and then pass it off as my wedding ring to my fiance. She's not ring expert, she surely won't know it's fake one lah!

First and foremost (heh, I sound like Aunt Agony here, hehe), we should never associate girls with money despite the fact that some girls, commonly known as leechers are all out for the material gain only . But that's just the minority I think cus thus far, I have yet to come across any. Heh. Yes! You definitely need money to pay for your transport and cover food expenses. But you do not need money to have a girlfriend. Most girls don't fancy you because you have alot of money. As studies have proven that girls are the more emotional type of creatures, we can safely deduce that girls in general are seeking for provisions such as security and intimacy in the form of physical embrace, companionship, conversations and care and concern. The only truth about Dude's 2 hypothese is this - you definitely need money to register for your marriage at R.O.M. Apart from that, the wedding should be a separate issue altogether. In addition, I think Dude's 2 ring trick might work if you're running on a tight budget. Sometimes desperate situtions call for desperate measures. I'm sure a good fiance will understand.

OMG, being that chauvinist, I can't believe what I've just written. As a matter of fact, I'm not exactly chauvinistic contrary to what
Jazlyn infers. Heh. Maybe sometimes. And I just can't help it at all.

Anyway, yesterday was interesting. I volunteered with REACH to put it a performance at a R.C party at some high class basketball court in Bishan. I did two number - more than words and love me. And thankfully, the songs were well received by a crowd of UNCLES and AUNTIES. Oh my tian ah. If only there were some babes there. I almost felt like I was singing at the 7th month gei tai. Heh. The only difference is that this time, I'm entertaining living human beings and not hao peng you from the celestial realm. Hmm.. Maybe I should try to sing freelance for gei tai and earn some quick buck with my guitar. Do you think hao peng you prefers Westlife or Chen Lei? Okay, I'm crapping again.

But seriously, the organizers should pay more attention to merely chinese and hokkien songs during the 7th month. There're bound to be hao peng you who prefers r&b styles like Usher's YEAH and punk-pop-shit such as ALL THE SMALL THINGS by Blink 182. I'm sure all those ang moh speaking hao peng you will feel damn left out. Poor them.

And yes, here are a few cmi shots taken.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Saturday, December 10, 2005


She's such a wonder (:

Friday, December 09, 2005


It's funny how sometimes you can subconsciously fall for someone who seems to fall short of what you would have taken as an ideal partner. It's like a man who goes, My babe must be this tall and this slim, who possesses this much amount of academic qualification and must look not too far apart from Jessica Alba, but ends up falling head over heels with a stranger. So close yet so far. The person whom can brighten up his darkest skies and melt a fleet of metal.

Blame it on the fatuous heart.

Anyway, here's what we've taken last sunday. Ha. Truly bad rendition of All About You.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I just had a hair cut 2 days ago and I'm trying to adapt to my new appearance. They call it the new look - that goody-two-shoe look, which personally, ahem is pretty distasteful. I still prefer my messy hair image, despite being repeatedly told that it makes me look flirty, like a playboy, hua hua, or whatever you call it. Notwithstanding my emotional susceptibity, I'm certain that I'm far from what you would typecast a cassanova. Heh.

I mean, come on!

Bible study was fruitful this evening. The passage was on Mark 11: 11- 19 which talks about Jesus overthrowing the tables of those whom were trading in the temple and calling them a den of thieves. Let me explain concisely for easy digestion.

If we're to apply this passage to modern day context, it speaks volumes about religious marketing and consumerism in Singapore. We're talking about christian organizations that hitch on the name of religion or God to make money or for personal benefits and self gratification. People who see church as a premise for transaction and business revenues. The problem nevertheless is that these organizations are skiing on thin line, which makes half truth seems full truth. Particularly towards prosperity gospel, extravagant but not-quite-reverencing worship.

Ahh.. yes, God is Santa Claus in disguise. Continue believing.

We had steam boat after BS. Pastor had to learn how to wash the live crabs. Ha. It was fun yet crazy. And the live prawns were ubberly crunchy! I love torturing them by hurling them into the boiling soup! Yum!

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Almost gone were my CD-R days. There was a time when these 700MB discs were reknown for their big storage space. I swell with pride as I recall the day I was different from everyone else who used 1.44MB floppy diskettes for the class presentation. Then, I was probably seen as that ever tech-savvy kevin who knew what a foolproof compact disc writtable was.

The rest were just too dumb beyond comprehension. Ouch.

Anyway, times have changed. So have computer and people. But one thing remains the same - more is better and the average is never good enough.

I keep a collection of 50 CD-Rs which I rarely touch. Besides using them for burning songs (which I hardly do in the first place thanks to the invention of MP3 players), they can nevertheless be helpful when it comes to transferring data less than 700MB to another computer. But what happens if you have data than exceeds 700MB?

DVD-R becomes the remedy. Each disc holds 4.5GB of data and typically cost less than a dollar. But still, they are becoming a little too meager for my liking. What is something portable, compact, yet offers a much bigger storage capacity. Blu-Ray might be the new toy I'm looking for.

This pancake, developed by SONY and speculated to be used in the new Playstation 3 consoles may hopefully be released as backup media for consumer use. Blu-Ray discs offers a whopping 50GB storage capacity. Soon, you'll think of your 80GB harddisk as nothing.